How to prepare a Therapy Space for your Online Sessions

September 02, 2022

To get the most out of your online sessions, it is important to ensure that you have an adequate therapy space.

The following are a few suggestions that might help you prepare this therapy space:

  1. Check that you have received the Zoom link for your session, and that you have a Firefox or Chrome browser
  2. Switch off, or place on Silent, your phone and other electronic devices for the duration of the session
  3. Ensure that you have quiet, private and comfortable place, where you can be confident you won’t be disturbed by anyone (other people or pets) or anything (door bell, phone, etc)
  4. Comfortable chair/couch, preferably with shoulders and neck support (not your bed!)
  5. Good internet connection
  6. A laptop or desktop are ideal for an online session. If these are not available, then a tablet or a smart phone would be fine
  7. Headphones (preferably noise-cancelling)
  8. Working microphone
  9. Working camera on your device
  10. A glass of water

Focused Hypnotherapy - Prepare for Online Therapy Sessions

Also, it is advisable to prepare yourself mentally for the session beforehand. For example, take some time before the session (even a few minutes would be great) to slow down your thoughts, to relax your body, and to focus on what it is that you would like to get out of your session.

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